Tech Nation Visa Is A Fraud

So you think Tech Nation is an endorsing body for the Exceptional Talent Visa in the UK, that is, a highly professional and respected organisation that through its work and commitment deserved the right to provide endorsements to the world leading talent from the GB government? Wrong, think again: Tech Nation does not employ any experts themselves, neither does their leadership consist of anybody with any sort of Computer Science education, and what they actually do is think that the visa belongs to them, and they can do whatever they want to with applications, regardless of both domestic and European law and moral ethics, because nobody will be in the position to verify their "decisions".

Looking For Advice About Tech Nation Visa?

This website has the information about how Tech Nation treated me and lied to the Home Office thinking there would be no consequences for them and although I'm not aiming to help people get the visa, you can find my personal statement and other pieces of evidence that could help you as examples (go to the Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Sucks and scroll down). If you're looking for professional advice regarding Tech Nation Visa, see the following links:
  • Daniel Damilola Nejo is a current Tech Nation Visa holder and an amazingly creative person, designer and entrepreneur, who has been helping people along their process of applying for the visa. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts motivational videos, as well as ones where he talks about Tech Nation Visa.
  • Tom Bradford is an expert in the UK visas, he'll be happy to assist you in the process if you contact him. Getting somebody like Mr Bradford to help with your visa process will make sure Tech Nation will not just do whatever they want to with you application and treat you with respect.
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    This website is not a moaning website where I complain how unfair life has been to me, or cry that I didn't get the visa. It has the purpose, and the purpose is to spread the truth. It is only intended for people who are interested in finding out the real story, and are prepared to cool down their cognitive bias automatically set up with the knowledge that Tech Nation is a professional endorsing body. It is not, it's a pseudo endorsing body. The aim I pursue here is to prove that Tech Nation Visa means nothing because every single person who were in position to check my facts has cruelly denied me that right because they couldn't handle the truth. The evil person responsible for all this is still enjoying their ultimate authority, but this website is good because it's honest. Don't let doubt discourage you from fairly assessing and evaluating all the information that I have outlined here. I tried to do it in the most suitable for understanding way, because it's my job, to improve the world one step a time. I do have a life, and this website is definitely a testing/use-case project to my static web-site generator so don't you think I have nothing to do.

    Table Of Contents

    This webpage has the following structure. It will bring you up to date with how the Tech Nation Visa really works. For more stories, check out the menu on the right.

    • Tech Nation Visa Sucks: Tech Nation is not a professional endorsing body.
    • How To Not Get Tech Nation Visa: The table with requirements from the Home Office, how I met them and what Tech Nation thought about it.
    • Acknowledgments: Many thanks for Tech Nation for not giving me Tech Nation Visa. I don't know how I would live with such an embarrassment.
    • Not The Tech Nation Visa: Why Tech Nation should stop calling the Research and Innovation Visa by its dirty name.
    • What's Happened?: The horror story / detective in 14 acts (to be continued in court).
    • Checklist: You doubt everything I say and think I am stupid? Complete this checklist and tell me where I'm wrong.
    • Why Website: Should I just shut up and let a psychopath get away with it?

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    How To Not Get Tech Nation Visa

    Please follow these easy instructions from the Home Office, to not get the Tech Nation Visa (special guidance version annotated with the comments from Tech Nation's staff, see quoted lines for what is actually said and a comment below).

    Home Office's Guidance Evidence In The Application Tech Nation's Opinion
    Exceptional Promise criteria for applicants who:

    1. Earlier in their careers.
  • 10 years in the UK;
  • A-levels, Computer Science and AI degree from the University of Sussex;
  • Master's in Computer Security from the King's Collect London.
  • 2.5 years working for a London's startup;
  • "".
    We have no education and look how fine we are with £5.2mil government money — who's gonna stop us, you? And we don't need Computer Scientists for a tech visa anyway. Also UK startups suck, get lost.
    2. Have yet to establish a track record in innovation;

    3. Have already shown the potential to make significant contribution;

    4. Demonstrate proven commercial or technical expertise in building, using, deploying or exploiting a technology stack and building technical infrastructure.
    My answer to Why You Demonstrate The Potential includes Open Source contributions:

  • 62 fully-documented and tested NPM packages written in modern JavaScript;
  • Context-testing framework that takes the quality assurance to the next level with the feature (contexts) never seen before.
  • Documentation framework for automated documentation generation which also takes productivity and quality assurance to the next level as the examples are run automatically, meaning any problems will show up in documentation;
  • A package to make packages within NPM scopes/GitHub organisations;
  • A CLI tool to register and maintain domains.
  • I gave the link to my GitHub account.
  • "Cannot see track record".
    "Cannot see GitHub profile".
    "Tools are made using frameworks".
    "His tools are not used by anyone".
    So you didn't use the frameworks and made the frameworks yourself? OK but what's the difference?

    And you are the one who uses your tools yourself in your own software company to grow your codebase and test and develop other tools, thus proving the expertise in building (not even exploiting) a stack and technical infrastructure? But we don't care about the guidance.
    And the third tool on the list you showed us has 1000 downloads per week? We don't really check the evidence buddy, our highly skilled panel of apes can only discourage and bully.
  • At work, building, documenting and deploying Node.JS (frontend UI + backend API) infrastructure from scratch w/ automatic parsing of SQL schema into JS and generation of SQL from JS, complete unit/integration testing, real-time browser campaign testing initially all by myself, i.e., setting the standard for other devs;

  • Started own software development Company, Art Deco Code;

  • Personal Statement talks about
  • Starting an Art Deco company that does not listen to the popular opinions, but has its own measure of quality;
  • Mastering Node.JS programming and deployment into cloud containers;
  • Plan to improve rights-management via metadata standard, registered domain, want to help people track the appearance of their photos online on social networks;
  • Plan for a tool for teams to gather metadata about their test suites;
  • Serverless CI concept for Node.JS which never existed before that decreases the time to run tests by order of magnitude.
  • "The applicant has created a number of workflow tools that are used by his colleagues that are useful internally, but they're not innovative".
    "The applicant needs to have a stronger profile within the developer community".
    Sorry what we really wanted was for you to invent the Web 3.0 that we can use to build communism, see how much we care about the community. And you say this evidence was not listed for an innovation criterion, but for the potential criterion, whereas there was another evidence for innovation? Oh but you know us, quality of work is not our thing.

    We say we empower startups on our website and you have a UK-based startup that aims to innovate the scene and improve everyone's productivity? Well didn't you know we lie a lot?

    Quality Assurance? The only quality we know is how to deceive the Home Office by providing emotionally abusive reviews on candidates.

    NPM? No Please Mister. Serverless CI — but we need an email server to ignore your emails with Data Subject Requests. Containers: but our bananas already come in containers. Metadata: ...and are labeled by ripeness.
    5. Demonstrate the potential through their skills and achievements.
  • Distinction in Computer Security Master's from the King's College London;
  • Senior Developer Role at 25;
  • Setting up a software company, coming up with a name (later trademarked as Art Deco™) and philosophy (drawing the parallel with the movements of exactly 100 years ago) behind it.
  • Confidence, targets, the best coding skills, communicability, perfect English, knowledge of the UK culture;
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
  • "".
    Boy, we don't like you and that's it. We're Tech Nation, we don't give a s***? The Home Office will never be able to check that what we say is not true, so go help yourself with your hypnotherapy now, we're gonna keep suffering from anger and inferiority issues.

    You have so much potential but we're so miserable making illegal errors everywhere in processing of your application that we get cognitive dissonance so we'd rather get rid ouf you.
    6. Provide 2 letters of recommendations.
  • Letter from Mat Ryer: professional Go developer, CTO of an AI startup, author of 4 books, 5 conference talks, has 1k followers on GitHub, created a Go testing framework and confirmed my innovation in Software Testing;
  • Letter from Mike Adam: founder of 4 fintech companies, CEO, Chairman, Director, my previous employer who proved I always search for new ideas and take pride in my work;
  • It was not easy to find 2 recommendations when you're employed and work on your projects all spare time, but I did.
  • "His referees cannot be considered to be world leaders themselves so are not in a strong position to imply that the applicant has the potential to be a world leader."
    No more comment. These are 2 successful English people? We want somebody we don't know from across the border because the UK is really out-of-fashion, son. Our goal is to speed up its decline. And the people here are not so good if you know what we mean...

    Or try bringing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs next time. Oh, Jobs's dead? Tough luck mate.
    7. Pick ONE key criterion:
  • Provide two or more examples of innovation in the digital technology sector;
  • Proof of recognition for work outside your immediate occupation (e.g., GitHub / Stack Overflow / videos of talks or conferences).
  • I picked the first key criterion, and passed it in the original decision, where I was judged not only for the promise, but for the talent already!
  • "The applicant is a clearly a skilled and talented programmer". (from the panel's decision, not Tech Nation)
  • "Mandatory criteria: Have a proven track record of innovation [PASS] (from the panel's decision, not Tech Nation)
  • I didn't pick the second criterion, because I wanted my software engineering work to be recognised, not the image of me.
  • In addition to not having to pass the second criterion, I described my Open Source work, listed 62 NPM packages (now I have 143), and supplied the link to the GitHub profile.
  • "We can see no evidence of a profile on Github or stack overflow for example. There is no evidence that he appeared at significant conferences or events. An applicant is expected to have a profile outside of his immediate employer."
    "The applicant needs to have a stronger profile within the developer community and more evidence that what he is doing is truly innovative".
    So what we judge you by the criterion you didn't choose and contradict your passing the criterion you did choose in the Panel's decision? We're above the EU legal framework and GPDR, and the fact that if we asked you for one thing, but evaluate your application for another was the whole point — we don't want you here.

    As can be seen above, Tech Nation, the company hired by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for £20 million pounds over 4 years, has deep contempt for the UK: the work experience in the heart of London does not matter to them at all, the higher education in the UK has absolutely no value to them and the distinction from the King's College London is disregarded entirely in favour of a quote community profile feasible even with limited experience unquote. Being a computer scientist and therefore an engineer and scholar of the best tradition of research methods and just generally young person with ambition and strive for success who is able to set the highest standard for himself and others is elevator music to Tech Nation. For their "Tech Nation Visa", they really are looking for someone who has never lived, studied or worked in the UK because obviously these people would be much better fitted to improving the digital sector in the UK. So if you're one of them, sincere good luck to you, you have the best chances of success, and I honestly have no problem with that (you now have to pass at least one key criterion, not pick one). But the company should respect the country where it is based and its taxpayers, who granted them their "endorsing body" title to help drive the economy by picking the best talent in the world, however the talent is not categorised by having a "community profile", it is precisely the education, work experience and Open Source contributions that point to it, and all of those things were either ignored, or ill-spoken of for the reason described below.

    The truth is, the problem is not actually in Tech Nation as it is, but in its Senior Program Manager, Lindy Pyrah, who thought that she is the queen of Tech Nation Visa. The person is a grown-up in a child's body and because she personally disliked me for me complaining that the decision by the Panel of Experts had 2 errors which showed that Tech Nation is totally useless at its job, say the least, and breaks the EU law, say the average, thought that she can say whatever she wanted to say, because the Home Office will never want to verify her review, even if I complain, because of the amount of authority that this pseudo endorsing body holds. Well done to you, Ms Pyrah, for bringing shame on yourself, spoiling the reputation of your company as well as the good name of the Exceptional Talent visa.

    I don't know what 360 means, obviously some kind of internal retrospective review of a week, but the words of this cruel woman, who makes images of cats where she puts her name on while being a Senior Manager and who thinks she can lie to the Home Office and get away with it so easily, speak for themselves about her 'normal' character and beg the question why this kind of person is in leadership of a government program for young talented people. Via Twitter.

    The information from the table above is verifiable via the communications section which gives both the official Panel Of Experts decision, which had 2 errors so that I had to apply for the review, and the review itself, which is a lie by Tech Nation who were so sure in their ultimate authority in giving Tech Nation Visas (obviously because they personally own them) that they could not even forsee the fact that it will turn against them. For the outline of the guidelines, see the Guidance section which includes the link to the Home Office's PDF with pages required to find the given information.

    Also checkout the Hostile Discrimination At Tech Nation Visa story for the visual guide to what's happened, as well as my opinion of why communism presented in the Tech Nation's review is the demonstration of the broken power process of the leftist manager who's taking their ressentiment on others by lashing out on applicants who they thought would not be able to defend themselves, and the Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Sucks to find links to my personal statements and all other evidence that I'd submitted.

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    The alchemist had the wisdom to see that everything occurs in the presence of its opposite. It's not either-or, it's both-and. They called this the coincidentia oppositorum. This is the coincidence of opposites, the union of opposites.

    I want to express my genuine gratitude to Tech Nation, and especially to the Senior Program Manager, Ms Lindy Pyrah, who has helped me enormously in my life by providing a lying, unlawful and discriminatory review to the Home Office about my application, technology and goals that I've set out for myself for improving the Digital Technology sector and culture in general, both in the UK and the world. You call the "Exceptional Talent Visa" the "Tech Nation Visa" because it inherits all the qualities found in your impotent leadership — the Visa that symbolises ineptitude of mind and spirit, lack of courage and ambition, full disregard for qualify and professional expertise. I don't deserve the visa. I am much better than this visa, I am a nobel person and to have gained the visa, even without knowing that in charge of the program are people of such low calibre would be disgrace for me, my karma and all blessed people around me. I will wait before you loose the right to call this visa by your shameful name, and get the real, the "Research and Innovator Visa" to continue my work in the UK.

    Tech Nation Visa And Open Source

    There is a tendency to use the idea of Open Source to justify the low level of quality in software, because well "it's Open Source", anyone can contribute and if you don't like something you are welcome to make a change. But I think, software that enjoys millions of downloads a week, has certain responsibility before the ecosystem and people involved in it. When making the code open comes as the second priority, after developing the software for company's own needs, it serves as a true contribution to the community, because the level of qualify is assured by the company's own standard. Take, for example, Google: with their Google Closure Compiler that is used internally, there will rarely be significant issues because there's a whole team of intelligent people working on it, making releases and also cooperating with the community who is welcome to contribute. However, because it is used internally for their own purposes, Open Source is not the aim of it (this is what I believe) therefore there is no need for them to build "the community profile" and show off how many stars they have on GitHub. I am actually glad that they have much less stars than the most popular transpiler nowadays, because there's a difference between pop music and grunge. The trend, though, is to catch as many stars and receive fame in the so-called community, and then not even take responsibility for producing work of questionable quality, which is fine with 95% developers though because they don't look deep enough most often for the lack of time tbh.

    I totally respect other developers and I know that this breed of people is the most capable one, but today they are led by idols and thinking for oneself, or developing the tools for oneself, is not relevant, because anyone can go online and find an open source project that they need. The field is dominated by tutorials for TypeScript, Babel, Webpack and exactly those writers receive their 1000 likes for their blogs and that's fine. However, not all software has to be made in the same way and not all people choose that. I explicitly stated that I made my own testing framework, as well as a documentation tool because there wasn't one that suited my needs already, and I specifically specified that I make the tools for myself and my company, but the response that I got was that I have no some kind of mysterious profile. I believe that the talent visa is for people who try out new things, come up with new solutions and invent new products, and it does not always come with the "community profile" straight away. It is actually very hard to get developers to use your products, and there has to be proper marketing work done for that. Instead, Tech Nation thinks it's feasible even with limited experience lol. I don't want the Tech Nation Visa that denies the large amount of work and effort in favour of selling out to using corporate tools and getting likes for that. I can and will lead in my own way and it's not up to Tech Nation to decide how I am going to do it — I will find the way, and most importantly, it will be based on the real work, and not only words as currently required by the Tech Nation Visa personally by Lindy Pyrah.

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    Not The Tech Nation Visa

    UK's Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa (or Tech Nation Visa) is given out by Tech Nation which is the most disreputable business that does not stop before lying even to the Home Office. When it is supposed to act as an endorsing body and provide the appropriate level of expertise, the discourteous organisation knows that people will not be able to do anything about their decisions therefore they are plain rude, hostile and ignore those who have paid £456 for their "services". In the free market, brands seek to listen to their customers and put them on the first place, but Tech Nation cares little about its clients and treats them like vermin that has come to feed on the holy visa handed out by the Gods at Tech Nation. There is no quality in their work at all, or any quality assurance processes whatsoever and they get away with it because nobody checks.

    I am a young professional developer who has been busy doing real good work for the past 10 years. I have started my own business that is a software development house and I have produced over 100 pieces of Open Source software. I have created the whole infrastructure for my business from scratch, including testing, building, documentation and operations toolchains and mastered the modern web development process (while avoiding using the corporate tools that everyone uses). The visa for me was not an opportunity, it was the legitimate right for continuation of my life in the UK where I received my education including A-levels, BSc in Computer Science and AI from the University of Sussex, and MSc in Computer Security from the King's College London and worked for a number of years, while programming for Open Source all my spare time. Still, the review that I received from Tech Nation talks about me like I am some kind of entry-level college graduate with no experience, purposely uses wrong criteria and tells lies related to technology to sully my reputation and never ventures into the details other than "we don't like".

    My GitHub Profile
    I love Open Source, and I have contributed all my software to it, because it's the modern day standard of thinking and organisation of work: I don't believe that money is made by proprietary software, it's the business processes, marketing and operations that make up a company and lead to its financial success.

    The reason for me not getting the visa is not because I'm not good enough for it, but because of the fact that in charge of the program is a woman by the name Lindy Pyrah, who has so much psychological problems that she thinks she can take it out on people that took a lot of time and effort into completing the application and to whom it was really important. Her highest achievement in life is the "Office Manager" title, and she has no Computer Science education whatsoever, yet she is able to hold the role of the "Senior Program Manager" at Tech Nation — the question is, why? Moreover, because she lacks relevant education and/or expertise in the field, and suffers from inferiority complex, instead of addressing objective issues that arose during their job of providing an endorsement for me, she failed to accept her responsibility for failing to ensure the fairness, lawfulness and transparency of the process, and pretended to be an expert writing the decision on my application herself! She is the manifestation of the lack of quality in Tech Nation's work, when she cannot even make sure that her name is spelt correctly on their website . This person is a criminal and should not be allowed anywhere near young talented people, and this website exposes her crime. She and the whole of Tech Nation should be ashamed of themselves, because I made each member of their staff aware of what's happened via Linked-in private messages, but nobody wanted to help me.

    The Level Of Tech Nation's Competence Is Next To The Ape's At The Computer.
    Tech Nation has zero understanding of the modern technology and instead of asking the proper experts, thinks that it can make the decisions themselves and casually lie to everyone around them.

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    What's Happened?

    1. To apply for the NOT Tech Nation Visa I gather evidence of working for a London-based company for 2.5 years, where I built their Node.JS infrastructure, as well as of my Open Source contributions, including innovations in Software Testing and Documentation that enrich the development process.
    2. Between the two routes, the Exceptional Talent and Exceptional Promise, I choose the latter, as it is intended for "younger people at the start of their career who demonstrate the potential through their skills and achievements".
    3. I also gather letters of recommendation from 2 people, Mat Ryer whom I met at a conference where he was a speaker and who is an author of many books and talks, and Mike Adam , my previous employer and entrepreneur who has built a number of successful business.
    4. Tech Nation, a pseudo-endorsing body receives my application and sends it to the Panel of Experts — "highly qualified individuals in the UK who are able to make an informed decision".
    5. After waiting for 20 days, living off my savings and with curtailed visa in the UK, I receive the decision. The decision states that I am "clearly skilled and talented" and pass the key criterion I chose, however says that I'm not the world leader, and that my letters of recommendations are from people from the same company. Yes, I'm not the world leader, because I applied for the Promise route, and the letters of recommendations were from people from different companies. The meaning of this? Tech Nation are paid £5.25 million pounds from the Government, and £456 from my application fees, yet they DON'T DO ANYTHING! They pass the applications and decisions and do not even check that what the decisions say is correct.
    6. I come to the Tech Nation's office to ask what's happened. Here, I meet Lindy Pyrah and ask her about the error: how am I supposed to be a world leader by 25, when I'm just starting my independent work, and when I spent as much free time as I could on Open Source (hence me applying for the promise visa)? Instead of apologising, the woman takes on patronising tone, judging me for someone I am not, and telling me that they receive 1000s of applications and people have done amazing things even by the younger age. I don't understand why is she allowed to assume that what I have done, i.e., my packages and contributions, is not amazing, when she is obviously in no position to judge it for herself because all she is is a glorified office manager. I ask why the decisions are not double checked, to which she lies to me that they do double check it. What an irresponsible liar who only occupies such Senior role purely because she used to be a PA to the executive director of Tech Nation in the past. I ask them if they can hurry up reviewing the decision because my visa is curtailed, to which she asks for my name, breaking all the rules of privacy required to ensure fairness and prevent bias, and tells me they can, but that she "cannot guarantee the endorsement". I can just feel how in her mind, which does not have any comprehension of modern technology, she thinks that I don't deserve the visa, but cannot accept it. In reality, it is her who cannot accept that she is not fit for the job in a company which is supposed to show example of professionalism, open-mindedness and outstanding quality to be able to call themselves an "Endorsing Body". Other Endorsing Bodies, such as Royal Academy of Engineering call the visa by it's proper name: Research and Innovation Talent Visa and only Tech Nation, without doing any job at all, thinks that it can call the visa Tech Nation Visa. This visa is NOT Tech Nation Visa. I leave saying that I'm very disappointed that I try to do my job in the most professional manner, but others who are in the best position to do it, cannot do theirs.
    7. I apply for the review via Home Office, and wait for about 2 weeks, until it comes back. The day I had to leave the UK because of curtailment was the 24th of August, but by the 20th there was still no reply, so I asked the Home Office if they could nudge Tech Nation to which they promise to do so. I receive the response the next day.
    8. The review, to which everyone is entitled, comes back in a completely different format to the initial decision and it was immediately clear that it was written personally by Lindy Pyrah, and not the expert because:
      • She calls me "he" everywhere instead of "them" like the decision, making it clear there's a bias against me.
      • She says I didn't pass the innovation criterion, which I passed for the "Exceptional Talent" route in the decision.
      • She says that I have no community profile, which is completely different criterion I didn't pick.
      • She mentions that I have no contributions or track record, ignoring the evidence of my 62 packages.
      • She claims that my tools are not used by anyone, whereas if the "highly qualified professional" was writing it, they would check that some packages were downloaded 1000+ times a week.
      • She incorrectly states that I have no GitHub profile, when I gave a link to it in my application.
      • Her writing is generally hostile, uses such structures as "he needs to prove what he is doing is truly innovative", ignoring all my education / skills / experience / achievements that were supposed to demonstrate my potential. No single positive word is used at all.
    9. I spend a day writing a tool to analyse the amount of work that I've done that pulls GitHub repositories, scans how many lines of code/tests there are and how often I committed the code, in hope that when Home Office sees the diagrams, they would be able to understand that Tech Nation cannot just say that I've not got a track record, when I showed them my GitHub profile. I complain to the Home Office, to which they do nothing and suggest I try again or find other options.
    10. On Thursday, the day before I have to leave, I come to Tech Nation's office again, and just prior to that I am able to feel good for a moment rather than anxious because of the treatment that I received, because, I actually forgive Lindy Pyrah, thinking that if I come now, tell Tech Nation there IS a GitHub link in the application and that 62 packages including novel testing and documentation frameworks ARE a track record, they would recognise their error, and make sure that this time the process is fair. Instead, I can't get anyone from Tech Nation to come down to speak to me in their co-working office and I'm seen out by receptionists saying "the person you want to see is in the office, but they tell us don't want to see you". Clearly, the level of arrogance is just as high as the level of stupidity in the person I wanted to see, and instead of being a helpful hand hired by people of the UK, the person's credo is more about establishing their own broken power process rather than about helping the UK's economy by giving visas to people who deserve them the most.
    11. I try to find some Senior member of Tech Nation's on LinkedIn, start the free trial of Premium account, and send a message to the CEO. He doesn't reply, I send a message to one of the "ambassadors", thinking he could help. The ambassador confirms there's high chance of error, but he can't help. You can read more about Tech Nation's hypocrazy in giving a visa to someone who has no Open Source contributions, but at the same time telling me that my packages are not track record.
    12. I leave the UK, complain to the Home Office again, to which they say it is my fault that I didn't provide enough evidence. How am I even supposed to have provided the evidence, when I was asked to pick one of the key criteria, and I was judged by a completely different one? Not to mention that the review is full of lies of a psychopath who fails to admit their mistakes in doing their job for which they are paid from tax payers' money?
    13. I keep working on my software, constantly improving further and making an amazing tool called Splendid with which the website is made. On the 24th of December, I write the initial story on the website, and publish it on after purchasing it with discounted price because I'm clever. Then, as my 45 accumulated Lined-in credits are about to expire, I send the link to the story to all Tech Nation's staff as well as their board of directors on LinkedIn, as well as an MP who's supposed to be connected with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport that sponsors Tech Nation, but they all ignore me. I also send it to sponsors of some Tech Nation events, including legal firms, where I explain that Tech Nation broke the GDPR and it's immediately clear, but they ignore me. I send an email to but their ignore me. I send an email to Lord Ashton of Hyde who's department is for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and he also ignores me.
    14. I keep writing for the website and placing links to it in my packages' footers, making it appear the 3rd on , but 15th on The aim is obviously the first page, and it is really near. The global goal is to make sure that the proper investigation is done into what happened, and that Lindy Pyrah goes to jail for her crime, Tech Nation looses its ability to call the visa (NOT) Tech Nation Visa and I receive my well-deserved right to continue to live and work in the UK, improving the sector with outstanding quality software.

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    Why Website

    The visual similarities between spectre in Faust and Lindy Pyrah are striking.

    Snarl not, poodle! To the sound that rises,
    The sacred tones that my soul embrace,
    This bestial noise is out of place.
    We are used to see, that Man despises
    What he never comprehends,
    And the Good and the Beautiful vilipends,
    Finding them often hard to measure:
    Will the dog, like man, snarl his displeasure?

    Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Some people commented why make all this effort to create a website and not just apply again with new evidence. I'm a rebel by nature and it is very disturbing that somebody, working on the salary supplied by the Government, thinks that they can just do whatever they want and get away with it. The person must be held accountable for their actions, and despite the distress that I've suffered (it's not easy to explain to my family friends and relatives that an "endorsing body" is a fraud), I'm glad that I was able to apply the energy into creative stream, working on the Splendid website generator that is used to create this website. Also, nobody listened to me when I complained to so many different places, and I don't understand why, I though the complaint culture and taking things seriously is strong in the UK. Instead, Tech Nation is the great example of how one person can abuse the system and use their position to gain advantage, but it is not for long. One cannot bend the reality, and sooner or later, the truth will strike back because of the universal laws of nature, therefore I'm just helping the universe to do its work to prove that Tech Nation Visa is a scam and Tech Nation and Lindy Pyrah in particular are reckless liars, so that one day they loose their ability to gain undeserved PR over the visa by calling it Tech Nation Visa.

    The hacker news comment
    It's so hard to be me in this case because everyone assumes Tech Nation's innocence and that I'm a person who can't handle rejection. Even people who are supposed to be technically savvy blame me for what's happened. We'll see who's right when I get the court to compensate me the damages for defamation and distress and order Tech Nation to comply with the European Law. Also the person has an interesting perspective on the visa being non-criteria based, when the guidance specifically asks to select 1 key and 2 mandatory criteria...

    *Tech Nation Sucks* is a collection of entries about how much Tech Nation sucks as an endorsing body. The first Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Sucks post is my initial attempt to get everything out what was in my head about Tech Nation since summer. It helped me feel positive and was the starting point to the website. The second Hostile Discrimination At Tech Nation Visa developed after realising how much communism there was in the review by Tech Nation telling me that I had to have a community profile which was never the requirement in the Home Office Guidelines. It's goal was to show that instead of allowing free enterprise and legitimate programming work to take place, the decadent manager at Tech Nation just used that criterion that I didn't apply for to be able to say something they thought was smart, but turned out to be discrimination since not everybody chooses to have a profile but would rather do work with their hands and not mouths. The For Developers By Developer post shows to professionals how I already made significant contributions with my software, bringing to the market packages that are unique and will become the next standard in software development. The level of my achievement will be easily seen to any one who wrote a single program in Node.js but Tech Nation Visa is not about skills or achievements like one might have thought. Tech Nation Is Enemy Of Culture article describes how little intelligence there is at Tech Nation and how they deny the wealth of intellectual capacity that I have to offer the UK with my brand new ideas and fresh outlook on both life and software engineering, that I was able to soak up from British philosophers, writers and scientists, so that there is much more culture and communicability in me than in the uneducated manager angry with life.

    *Tech Nation Sucks* also helps to bring people together who were confused and offended as to what really happened to their application but it turned out to be a consistent pattern with a lot of people. The goal of the website is to show that Tech Nation has failed to ensure the basic rights of customers whom it does not treat as potential partners, but as beggars asking for the visa and who will have no means to complain or stand up for their rights. Here, using the Add Story Page people can speak out about their cases and so that we can focus our energy into proving to everyone that Tech Nation has to loose its status quo for the crimes that they committed.

    Tech Nation is stuck in the times of communism trying to enforce that each has to give to others according to his or her ability rather than allowing people to build businesses that do actually produce, deliver and improve. Tech Nation themselves, however, don't give anything simple because they have no ability and have nothing to offer — they are just siphoning on the talent pipe pretending to do work which turns out to be of the most horrendous quality. And because they feel that nobody is watching their actions, they have their own little party for £5.25m annual paycheck from the pockets of taxpayers. They produce their useless annual reports about the state of technology, that nobody needs and instead of at least doing their visa job properly, they fail at such basic things as passing the applications between the "Panel of Experts" and the Home Office and ensuring that all information is correct (and then shamelessly lying to people in the face saying that outcomes of applications get double checked when there are obvious massive errors in it — that happened to me!). There has been zero accountability for their actions however this website is going to be a large nuisance to them when it comes along first in the Tech Nation Visa search query so that the whole world can see what kind of company Tech Nation really is and how close to nothing it means to have a Tech Nation visa, i.e., to become part of the discriminatory game set-up by frustrated alpha female without any relevant education to run the program for a tech visa.

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    Tech Nation Is Enemy Of Culture

    Anton Dmukhovskiy 22 January 2018
    Tech Nation Destroys Culture.
    Tech Nation, the Giant Ape, has no sign of intelligence and is there to destroy beautiful things that go beyond her comprehension ability.

    The destroyer of exceptional quality that stems from education and open-mindedness, experimentation and practical method, Tech Nation does not hesitate to loose all manners and show itself as a giant ape ready to venture an attack on intelligence and truth when someone challenges her questionable position. As humans evolved, they acquired the ability to use the mental capacity to solve problems and get answers to the questions that get in the way of progress, and even get the kick out of it, because insight is fun. They also developed morals, and the business language which is meant to communicate respect and mutual compassion to other beings. However, Tech Nation did not develop these abilities and is stuck in the form of the predecessor of humans who cannot use any logic or construct any logical argument, and instead uses words to throw around shit at persons it does not like. The degeneration of this body is so complete that it has to have no place in civilised world among professional scientists and engineers.

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    Hostile Discrimination At Tech Nation Visa Anton Dmukhovskiy 10 January 2019
    Tech Nation's Authority Reflex.
    The Authority Reflex, based on Anton Robert Wilson's sketch from "Prometheus Rising" (p.66).

    Tech Nation is one of the worst companies in the UK. They take the money from the UK government and applicants for the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa and they think they are their own little government like Vatican where The Pope of Tech Nation, Lindy Pyrah controlling her private secret agency the Panel of Experts preys on the souls of brave young entrepreneurs and creatives and aims to break their hearts because of too much hatred that has been accumulated in her own heart after years of working as a second hand for dominant male CEOs. But now, the real worrier in that woman can finally make those decisions she always wanted without having to listen to anyone else. A psychopath is an illness and this article proves how much the person in charge of Tech Nation's Visa program needs professional help.

    Because Lindy doesn't understand a thing about technology, but wants to find the reason to refuse the application where the real legitimate work is shown and proved to be innovative, she uses the argument that the applicant does not have a profile in the community. Just like the true leftist, little does she care for the community since now she's got that great role of hers on the Big Tree called Tech Nation where no one has access to but those incompetent workers that have no Computer Science education, but somehow are in charge of giving out technology visas. To her, it does not matter that the personal statement in the application talks about products to improve productivity of the digital sector by proposing the most novel approaches to quality assurance — what matters is to show who is the alpha woman. To satisfy her strive for power, the communist at heart Comrade Pyrah, disregards all factors that the work of a professional developer should be judged against, and pretends to be the expert writing the review, making the crucial error of putting down blatant lie that is easily exposed.

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    Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Visa Sucks Anton Dmukhovskiy 24 December 2018
    Keep Calm And Break GDPR At Tech Nation.
    GDPR is not something Tech Nation has heard of: the organisation believes it can do whatever it wants with the personal data of customers.

    When some difficulty happens in life, like the crazy Senior Manager with superiority complex getting in the way of receiving a visa which is truly deserved, one's mind is in the 5th gear and wants to speak out. This is the original story that was written over night on the 24th of December and sent out to all employees of Tech Nation on LinkedIn, with the aim to do something about the horrible injustice and discrimination that has taken place. There was hope that someone would listen but because Lindy Pyrah has such high position on their Big Tree that no one dares to tell her "enough is enough", question the whole process and search for the truth, there was no response. Tech Nation is the "nation" of cowards and bullies who cannot do their work properly, get agitated when concerns are raised about their service, and conceal their ineptitude by employing the slandering techniques in writing their statements that are worth nothing. The website hopes to troll Tech Nation because there has never been service worst than theirs.

    The structure of this story on the Tech Nation Sucks website is to introduce the visa; describe my business and how and what I work on on daily basis; show the evidence that I collected for the application; present the decision that although was positive, had two crucial errors in it; prove that the review requested was not written by a real expert; demonstrate that by its actions Tech Nation has broken the GDPR; criticize the exceptional talent visa holder who is an ambassador but has not given anything to the community and quote his message that there can definitely be errors in the decision as well as the review; and finally to conclude with the list of all faults of the Panel of Experts, Tech Nation and the Home Office.

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