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Tech Nation Visa Facts Checklist

Here, you can check that everything that I say is correct. Hover over interactive hints to preview the image, and follow the links to access source documents.

The first letter of recommendation is from Mike Adam, CEO of Amigo, and the second letter of recommendation is from Mat Ryer, CTO at Machine Box, Inc.. The decision states that the letters of recommendation are from people from the same company:
The application relies on letters of recommendation from four individuals in the same company, making objective assessment of the application difficult; the visa guidelines specifically request two letters of recommendation from “different established organisations”.
The decision says I'm not the world leader:
There is also little evidence to support that the applicant is a world leading talent; it’d be expected to see other third-party endorsement, such as awards or media coverage or speaking engagement.
Whereas in my application, I specified that I applied for the promise route (page 4). In the Tech Nation guidance, there's a difference between the world leading talent and potential to become one (page 7).
Because experts don't work for Tech Nation, whose only job is to pass applications between the Home Office and the panel, the first two checks mean that Tech Nation is COMPLETELY useless at their job, while receiving money ( £5.25m annually ) from the Government and hard-working people of the UK and application fees, because they can't or don't want to spot errors of this kind. This is not the standard of work that a respectable Endorsing body should demonstrate.
There are 3 main principles of the GPDR: lawfulness, fairness and transparency (Article 5 p.1, page 35). I actually happen to know that, unlike Lindy Pyrah, because I'm an educated man and scored 86% in European Law for my Masters (little does education matter for Tech Nation). The initial data processing by Tech Nation relating to the decision was unfair and unlawful, since the choice of the route is my personal data (as confirmed by the Home Office ), and such data must be processed according to the specific purpose, and when I'm judged for the Talent and not the Promise (as I was asked about), the purpose of collecting my data to choose which criteria to apply was not satisfied. The processing was transparent though because the decision clearly comes on official paper via the ETAdmin email , seems to be done by an expert.

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