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    Tech Nation Is Enemy Of Culture

    Tech Nation Destroys Culture.
    Tech Nation, the Giant Ape, has no sign of intelligence and is there to destroy beautiful things that go beyond her comprehension ability.

    The destroyer of exceptional quality that stems from education and open-mindedness, experimentation and practical method, Tech Nation does not hesitate to loose all manners and show itself as a giant ape ready to venture an attack on intelligence and truth when someone challenges her questionable position. As humans evolved, they acquired the ability to use the mental capacity to solve problems and get answers to the questions that get in the way of progress, and even get the kick out of it, because insight is fun. They also developed morals, and the business language which is meant to communicate respect and mutual compassion to other beings. However, Tech Nation did not develop these abilities and is stuck in the form of the predecessor of humans who cannot use any logic or construct any logical argument, and instead uses words to throw around shit at persons it does not like. The degeneration of this body is so complete that it has to have no place in civilised world among professional scientists and engineers.

    When have you last used technology? It was less than a moment ago since this article is read on a screen. But how much knowledge do you have of technology that made this communication of ideas between me and you possible? Either some, if you're a developer, a little bit, if you, your friends or family work in the field of technology, or none if you just prefer to have your head in the clouds and not concern with such worldly things. Nonetheless, nobody will have all the knowledge required to build the world we have today — it is the result of a cooperative action of millions of brilliant minds, searching for new ways to innovate and improve the quality of life of everyone. For example, the transmission of this web page was made possible due to a web protocol, built on top of a network protocol, which works on hardware in data-centres, powered by electric energy, extracted either from renewable or more traditional sources. In each of these fields, there are inventors as well as ordinary workers, and their collective effort keeps the planet going.

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