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Tech Nation Visa Sucks

Tech Nation Visa is an unfair, disrespectful and abusive setup by Tech Nation that discredits the field of Software Engineering and leaves candidates without any consumer protection mechanisms. When I applied in June 2018, my initial application was rejected because the experts made 2 mistakes: they judged me for the Talent route instead of the Promise one, as I specified in the application, and they said that my letters of recommendations were from people from the same company which was false. Tech Nation, in turn, did nothing to prevent these crude errors despite the fact it's their direct responsibility, and in contrast, when I complained in person to their "Senior Program Manager" Ms Lindy Pyrah, who is in fact just an office manager without any knowledge of Computer Science, they could not handle the fact they are super-useless as an endorsing body and made sure my application does not go through for fake reasons.

UPDATE AUGUST 2019: Shipping NodeTools

Node Tools Ocean Liner Vector Drawing

Over the last year, I've been building this website with an assumption that my application was failed deliberately by an ignorant manager who wanted to conceal an error in experts' decision to avoid sanctions from Government. How wrong was I! Tech Nation is an institution purposefully created by right-wing Government with the only aim — to benefit the rich elite in London's establishment and use the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa as a loophole to help all those businesses that depend on venture capital, while rejecting free and independent developers a chance to build a successful company in the UK that could challenge capitalists and bought politicians. Please read my new series of articles, about me creating a new Node.JS technology stack in one year despite not getting the Tech Nation Visa, with investigations into how the Tech Nation Visa really works and why you will never want to have one! (Pro tip: if you're an Arab, or Russian, don't waste your money and protect confidential ideas from these fascists.)


Meet World 2020: Textbook Technocratic Society

British Crown

The Elite: i.e., the New World Order, who came up with the international monetary system to inflict debt on all countries, make them wage wars against other countries so that the never-ending interest can be claimed, and every person transformed into a wage slave. These are the oligarchs who are interested in invading other countries, to keep the oil coming in to be converted into cash.

The Politicians: back in the day, people believed they live in democracy and elected their leaders. Today, money elects everyone, and makes sure it brings in more money. Any honour and will to represent citizens is long gone — left is plutocracy characterised by shameless pushing of capital interests on the national level.

The Capitalists: when a person has no moral grounds and strives for power game, she will do anything to grab as much as possible, and then use the grabbed to establish agencies to protect her riches. People who become trapped in this vicious cycle tend to be self-righteous individuals who measure all things in terms of financial gain, simply because they lost soul.

The Propaganda: after a man is cut off from his natural groups and becomes an atomised individual, he falls victim to carefully designed world views that create an artificial life for him with fake values, goals and principles by those who exploit him. To fill in the gap left after God was killed, the new God in form of venture tech is surgeoned into man's chest by industrial propagandists.

Tech Nation = Propaganda Machine

Is Tech Nation Visa a legitimate high-status visa for gifted and talented? No it's not. If an organisation that has 0 personnel that knows anything about Computer Science is capable of giving out 2000 tech visas per year, does it not sound too good to be true? It sure does, because Tech Nation Visa is a scam, institutionalised by the corrupt UK government as a way to benefit the rich kids in South East England. It has nothing to do with the improvement of the sector in the UK, it's a talent acquisition scheme for Tech Nation's directors who work for venture capital firms in City. That is why they say "Work in the UK, Join Startup" when you Google "Tech Nation Visa".

  • If you want to be a pawn in their little game so that they can make you say "What the UK government is doing for the Tech Sector is truly amazing";
  • If you are after money and the destiny of the world which is being destroyed by right-wing devils does not matter to you; and
  • If you want to participate in innately unfair and corrupt scheme —

then by all means, apply for their shitty visa. But if you're a Human, move to Amsterdam instead.

HERE WILL BE THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE explaining the pyramid. But Tech Nation will know everything that I meant with it.

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Tech Nation Is A Pseudo-Endorsing Body

Tech Nation wants you to get an impression that it is somehow a player in the technology market, a sort of specialised institution that knows about the traditional values and modern trends in professional development of technology, provides expertise and advice and is able to support young people who might be struggling to fit in. In the light of the above, they think that they are entitled to give out the "Tech Nation Visa" which would confirm that a person is really technologically-savvy and has deserved this prestigious title. The truth is, compared to the Tier 1 (ET) Visa in other sectors, where people have to have at least a PhD to receive it (e.g., the engineering one), the notion of Tech Nation Visa is a forced hype and false advertisement created and promoted by Tech Nation itself to make it seem like an organisation that does an important, valuable and recognised job. This myth does not stand the test of objective scrutiny and Tech Nation is just a bunch of managers far distant from the actual technology sector and its needs. So what are the true facts that prove that Tech Nation Visa is merely self-marketing by Tech Nation and does not confirm the level of expertise that people have to have for the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) Visa?

Monkey see no evil

Tech Nation Doesn't Know Shit About Technology

If you look at the positions of people who work for Tech Nation, you will find: Business Analyst, Content Editor, Program Manager, Designer, Event / Competitions / Program / Insights Lead, Marketing Executive, Accounts Manager, etc. There's a single developer working for Tech Nation who is probably busy servicing their website powered by WordPress. Tech Nation's staff has not written a single line of code, they don't know anything about software development processes, such as implementation, testing, documentation or deployment. They pretend like they produce useful reports about the technology sector, but all their data is borrowed from other sources ("we use LinkedIn insights..."), and people had complained about its accuracy. The truth is, Tech Nation does not represent the industry, it is a state-sponsored organisation that hires managers and designers to put on an act like it understands the field of digital technology, but it doesn't represent Software Engineers. If you don't know what Continuous Integration means, you don't deserve to be an endorsing body in tech.

Monkey speak no evil

Tech Nation Misadvertises As Having Experts

On their website, Tech Nation writes: "In all cases, Tech Nation experts will establish whether you meet the necessary criteria to be endorsed for Exceptional Talent or for Exceptional Promise." The truth is, none of the experts work for Tech Nation. Their work is just outsourced and unknown people decide whether candidates are good or not. Tech Nation then just forwards their decisions to the Home Office without even checking what they write. Do not misjudge Tech Nation for an organisation where some highly-trained people come in the morning to do important programming work and also get together on daily basis to make decisions on applicants, because it is not so. The company receives applications for the Tier 1 Visa from the Home Office, sends it to the experts it doesn't hire, and returns the decisions to the Home Office. This is for £5m of funding per year and £456 that applicants pay. Moreover, the reviews provided by experts, spawn 1-2 paragraphs without going into any details. Any person assigned to do a review for a job candidate at a tech company could do better.

Monkey hear no evil

Tech Nation Is Not Regulated By Anyone

The EU Electronic Commerce Directive states that service providers must give the following information: "any professional body or similar institutions with which the service provider is registered" (Art 5), "to ensure its compliance with the professional rules regarding the independence, dignity and honour of the profession and fairness towards clients" (Art 8). On the Tech Nation website, there is no mention of any regulated professions that it is part of, because it is not, which apparently gives them right to treat candidates in whatever way they want. When I complained the Home Office about Tech Nation, they first forwarded my concerns to Tech Nation itself (duh), and then said they see no problem (because they can't understand technology). When I complained to the ICO, the GDPR watchdog, they said there wasn't a personal data issue. If there was a regulated profession, I could complain to them, but there ain't. Therefore Tech Nation is a Vatican state in Shoreditch, where the Pope, Lindy Pyrah can lash out on candidates and nobody will stop her.

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What Does Tech Nation Visa Decision Look Like

If you're going to pay £456 pounds for you application to be assessed by an endorsing body, you might be wondering what the outcome will look like: will they go through every single piece of evidence that you provide, comment on the technologies you used, what innovations you introduced, explain if they don't deem some of them innovations and why, e.g., giving examples of similar solutions that exist already. Well, you'll be disappointed. What you're gonna get is a couple of ticked boxes, and a comment in 4 sentences:

Further specific details (if required): The applicant is a clearly a skilled and talented programmer, however their application is let down by a lack of relevant and compelling evidence. The application relies on letters of recommendation from four individuals in the same company, making objective assessment of the application difficult; the visa guidelines specifically request two letters of recommendation from “different established organisations”. There is also little evidence to support that the applicant is a world leading talent; it’d be expected to see other third-party endorsement, such as awards or media coverage or speaking engagement. The lack of relevant evidence means the application cannot be endorsed at this time.

For some reason, the experts thought that my letters of recommendation come from people from the same company, which is clearly false. They also said that I'm not the world leading talent, when I actually applied for the Promise route and not the Talent one (huge difference). And what did Tech Nation do to prevent these mistakes? Fuck all, nobody gives a crap about your life at this amazing "Endorsing Body". They just collect paperwork, forward it to the experts, receive responses and don't even bother checking them because they are managers unqualified to work in the technology field without any compassion or understanding of how much it can mean for a person to get the visa. Tech Nation are liars who cannot process applications properly (you had one job), and for that they think they can call the highly prestigious visa "Tech Nation Visa". Shut up Tech Nation.

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Tech Nation Visa Reviews Are Not Done By Experts

The Home Office gives people an opportunity to apply for the review in case they're not happy with the outcome. No additional evidence can be brought in, and only errors by experts will be corrected. So I wanted the experts to correct their statements about my recommendation letters and also about me applying for the different route, therefore I submitted my application for the review. I also couldn't wait that long, and I came into the Tech Nation's office to ask them to hurry up. There I met the woman-psychopath who thinks she can decide on people's lives herself, Ms Lindy Pyrah. Because I told her, that the errors showed that Tech Nation doesn't do anything apart from collecting money, she asked me for my name, and instead of sending the application to be reviewed by experts, personally discriminated against me and wrote the lying, biased review not based on any facts. At my workplace, I had to review a job applicant once, and I gave all possible details. Now let's see what the psychopath Ms Pyrah wrote about me, and how the review should have been.

Anton Dmukhovskiy photo

Anton Dmukhovskiy

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Founder of a Software Company
  • Writing Node.JS 8+ hours a day, made 166 NPM packages
  • Distinction in Master's in Computer Security, BSc Computer Science and AI

What An Expert Would Write, Giving Details And Explanations

Firstly, as an employee of Amigo Technology, the applicant bootstrapped part of their architecture by creating front-end and back-end applications as well as deployment and quality assurance tools around it. The first example of innovation he submitted was auto-generation of API using SQL schema, including recursive select and delete operations. We're not aware of an existing solution that does that. The second example was browser testing of live campaigns by means of a chat bot. This is partly innovation since there exists a TestingBot software that can run browser tests, and although the solution is bespoke to a particular company, it is not 100% innovative. On the other hand, as part of the submission, the person showed that he created a testing framework that supports the "context" feature that provides JSDoc annotations within test cases. Other frameworks don't do that therefore it is a clear innovation. He also described his idea of serverless testing, whereas traditional CIs rely on Docker containers, thus it is another innovation. The other innovations analogues of which we couldn't find via NPM search are: automatic embedding of examples and their output in the Documentary package and CLI registration of domains in the Expensive package. Additionally, we've seen a design for NPM package release push notification system that is not implemented in other places. In the light of the above, the candidate has passed his CHOSEN key criterion. Additionally, the fact that he built infrastructure for Amigo, as well as core packages for his company directly proves that he has an expertise in building, exploiting and deploying a technical stack as required by the visa guidelines.

Secondly, the person has founded a software company and wrote essential code required to run such a company from scratch, NOT USING FRAMEWORKS, as well as planned tools that would increase other developers' productivity, including test-case metadata software. He also wants to boost awareness of the metadata standard and help people track their intellectual property online: this is aligned with the IPPR report (government could do more to support UK industry, both through increasing education about and awareness of IP and the rights protections, p.83), and he's purchased the metadata.photo domain for that. The tools that he built for his employer increased the productivity of the company and are used by other team members every day, proving that he is able to lead in a technology sector. He has derived a method for creating NPM packages quickly, and made 62 Open Source contributions, which are written using the latest language specification, fully tested and documented and are a DEFINITE TRACK RECORD. The third package on the list he supplied, node-exiftool has 1000+ downloads per week. These factors enable us to make him pass the "potential to be the world leader" criterion.

Thirdly, the applicant had attended Google Academy for a 2-day PWA course and applied the knowledge received there to implement the service worker functionality in his web server to cache web pages. PWAs are one of the hottest emerging technologies, and he has proved that he will be able to embrace it in his work. Moreover, his NPM packages release graph showed how he's been constantly improving his workflow and incorporating created packages into each other. Therefore, he can pass the "continuous learning" criterion.

The person's referees are a well-established Senior Developer and CTO of a London-based AI startup, Mat Ryer who has participated in numerous conferences and wrote a number of books in software development, and a successful serial entrepreneur with a number of fin-tech business, Mike Adam. They both, on each side, prove his technical expertise as well as confirm his passion for programming. Finally, the person has lived in the UK for 10 years, holds a distinction in Master's from King's College London and was promoted to a Senior position after working for 2.5 years. These achievements and his passed criteria allow us to welcome him as the Tier 1 (Exceptional Promise) visa holder.

Lindy Pyrah photo

Lindy Pyrah

A Malicious Falsehood By Uneducated Manager

Upon review we find that the applicant has not submitted sufficient evidence to demonstrate innovation in digital technology. The applicant has created a number of workflow tools that are used by his colleagues at Amigo Technology; although they might be useful internally, they cannot be considered to be innovative across the broader technical community. This visa is designed for those applicants who have made or can make exceptional contributions to the digital technology sector in the UK. The applicant may have developed a number of software tools using a number of frameworks; however, there is no evidence that these are being used by the wider technical or developer community. We can see no evidence of a track record or profile on Github or stack overflow for example. There is no evidence that he appeared at significant conferences or events. Although early in his career, an applicant who wants to be considered as Exceptional Promise is expected to have a profile outside of his immediate employer. This is feasible even with limited experience. His referees cannot be considered to be world leaders themselves so are not in a strong position to imply that the applicant has the potential to be a world leader. The applicant needs to have a stronger profile within the developer community and more evidence that what he is doing is truly innovative, in order to meet the key and qualifying criteria. We do not endorse this application.

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Lindy Pyrah Is A Psychopath Deep On The Power Trip

Tech Nation Authority reflex If there are any professionally-established Software Engineers there, they will probably recognise by now that Tech Nation Visa is a kindergarten and not a real visa. Tech, as always, discredits the engineering profession, and anyone with "even limited experience" and a community profile can get the Tech Nation visa apparently. The real reason I didn't get it is because I'm actually the person who deserves it the most and does the real job: in 2018 I created testing and documentation frameworks and started a company which is not that easy. After the application, I wrote my own transpiler (ECMA modules, JSX) and came up with a package to optimise Node.JS code with Google Closure Compiler, which Google itself is still working on. And I did it without any help from Tech Nation which is only there making an appearance like they are useful, by hiring managers, designers and "content leads" to claim they "help build a UK economy fit for the next generation" while it is other people who do create value. I wonder how many packages other candidates who got the visa published, if Tech Nation says that my 62 packages (150+ today) are not a track record. I'm sure none of the current visa holders has made any contributions close to mine. Tech Nation Visa is complete bullshit that's why it is called so, and not "Research and Innovation Visa" like in Engineering.

Because the government allowed Tech Nation to call the visa "Tech Nation Visa", because there's no one checking their decisions and because people usually apply from other countries, and therefore don't get customer protection, Tech Nation's ego got so inflated they truly believe that the visa is something they give out, and not something that the UK has come up with to establish a PARTNERSHIP with talented people. I am a young person, and I know about the challenges that people like me face, e.g.,

  • How do I compete with such giant companies as Microsoft and Facebook who are aggressively dominating the market and promoting their technology (TypeScript, Jest)?
  • How do I get people to use my software and what is my unique selling point? Is it really my responsibility to create a "community profile" if I just want to program yet open sourcing everything?
  • Where do I find motivation to keep going, when with my skills I could land a job offer worth £90k per annum, yet I haven't got paid in over a year?
  • Can I create a company without venture capital in any way? Why should this not be possible just because everyone is talking about "startups" and seed rounds?
  • What is the solution to me wanting to live in the UK, but my family living at home? Even though I've spent 10 years in the UK, times change.

Life was challenging as it is, with me quitting the permanent job, having the Tier 2 visa curtailed and my rent contract expiring. Yet, I kept working on the software until the last moment, when I submitted my application to Tech Nation, in hope their "experts" will check out the packages that I made and appreciate the effort I'd put in. I'm not gonna lie at times it was really hard mentally thinking the heck I'm doing with my life, while waiting for the visa decision, but I had hope that my vision for my company and Open Source contributions would be appreciated (and it was, because I actually passed my key criterion in the decision, but the review used the criterion I didn't apply for and reversed the expert's decision that I passed my chosen criterion!).

tech nation negative review
Tech Nation's experts lying about legitimacy of my recommendation letters was not an error, it's a deliberate method they use against those candidates whom they don't like! Don't waste your life on dealing with these fraudsters, they will steal your ideas and leave you with nothing!

Instead, the experts make 2 mistakes that are incompatible with the evidence I'd submitted, and Tech Nation sponsored by the government with £21mil over 4 years, cannot not even verify their decision! It's a disgrace and illegal already, but when I in person come to the office and complain to Tech Nation, I'm spoken to in patronising tones and with the assumption that I haven't done any significant work. When I come the second time after the review to say "there actually is a GitHub link in the application", I'm told "we don't want to see you".

Message on LinkdedIn: hello from another victim of Mrs Pyrah Lindy Pyrah, who calls herself Senior Program/Operations Manager, only got this title because she used to be a PA to their CEO and she has not got any operational skills required to work with talented people. Just because kids didn't play with her at school, she has no right to target young individuals for her power game and try to ruin their lives. If instead of her, there was a person who knows something about technology, who were friendly and actively trying to help, this situation would not have arisen. At the moment, the visas are given out to god knows who (oh yeah, obviously to people with a profile who haven't written any code in their lives) and passionate and confident developers like myself who show real f***ing hard work have to suffer emotional abuse from an "Endorsing Body" while everyone ignores their complaints because they can't click that there are actually 2 sides to the story.

monkey with a crown This is exactly why Ms Pyrah is a psychopath — only they think like that. They know that most people don't lie and don't have the concept of how to deceive, therefore they spawn their lies in bet that because of their authoritative position everyone will believe them. But what they fear the most, trust me, is getting exposed. Therefore this website is my get back at this dishonest woman. Please support. I know that it's annoying when people make scenes but I have to action because I'm 100% sure I'm not the only one who's application has been failed by this person who hasn't even got a degree, yet so freely decides who gets the visa or not. You're not the Queen of Visas, Ms Pyrah, and Tech Nation with their Tech Nation Visas does not represent anyone.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Psychopath?

icon monkey face with mask They don't care for consequences. Because Ms Pyrah is plain stupid to understand anything that I wrote in my application, she thought I don't qualify and couldn't even forsee that I'm gonna fight for my right and expose the whole Tech Nation Visa enterprise. She might have gained something temporarily but in the long term she just harmed everyone.
icon sad monkey face They don't feel empathy with other people. I had spent 9.5 years in the UK, all by myself, and I was put through the education with my dad's help which is a big investment as you can imagine. I worked for a London startup for 2.5 years and was promoted to Senior Software Engineer. The visa was really important, but because Ms Pyrah cannot sympathize, she didn't even apologize for allowing errors in the decision.
icon angry monkey face They can think only of their goal. I had outlined the plan for my company, how it would improve the sector by increasing everyone's productivity and bringing innovative tools for quality assurance and metadata standard. Tech Nation is supposed to filter exactly applications like mine, but because Ms Pyrah's only goal is to show that SHE is the authority, she wrote the lying and unlawful review herself to make sure that neither the Home Office, nor the government finds out that Tech Nation doesn't actually do anything when processing Tech Nation Visa Applications.
icon confused monkey face They don't care who they're hurting along the way. Tech Nation is sponsored by the government to be the agent that helps people and enables them to help the country. This is how delegation of authority is meant to work — you give people chance to figure out what to do, and you both benefit. Ms Pyrah is not there to help anyone, she just wants to destroy lives because she is an angry person who abuses her position.
icon monkey showing teeth They speak slowly and quietly. This is exactly how she conveyed herself when I met her: whereas I spoke somewhat emotionally, she was very quiet, let me interrupt her and raise arguments against hers (she said experts can themselves decide if a person should get Talent/Promise visa), whereas in her mind she was just thinking "yeah sure I'll never let you have this visa". Such an annoying person.

"Sweetness & Light, Afterwards Back To Normal"

tweet: Lindy before 360 shrek cat /after 360 arrogant cat
tweet comments: I'm sweetness and light pre 360 to get good votes; afterwards back to 'normal'

There's no need to pretend like Lindy Pyrah is a nice person, her words speak for herself for you. This is the leadership of Tech Nation, who give out Tech Nation Visas based on their biased and uneducated guesses and not on expert opinions. Expect unknown errors in your application and lies in the review if there's something about you she doesn't like (e.g., your nationality since she's got beef with everyone who come from the same country as myself now).

What do you think?

There are people online, saying "I got the visa, don't be like this guy...", whereas they instead should say thanks to me since Tech Nation is probably more careful now in finding the right words to refuse applications for Tech Nation visa. Just let me know what you think. If you get the visa, don't embarrass yourself by calling yourself "Tech Nation Visa holder" because one day everything will come out and responsibility will have to be taken.

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The reason why Tech Nation is able to discriminate against people so freely, is because nobody knows about their true nature in giving Tech Nation Visas (OK I can't really mind them doing growth programs but nobody sucks more as an endorsing body as TN). The corruption stems from lack of visibility and absence of responsibility. Therefore I'm asking you just one thing, to share this website so that others can make their own informed opinion about the fraudulent enterprise called "Tech Nation Visa".

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Tech Nation Visa Sucks Articles

I have written a number of articles while building this website to show that Tech Nation Visa has nothing to do with how well you've done in life and what achievements you might have. It helped me to cope with what I had to go through, because naturally I'm obsessive about quality, and everyone wants to see fairness in dealing with them. I'm prepared to let go if anyone from Tech Nation actually apologised for not doing their job and then lying about me to the Home Office, but that hasn't happened. They think I'm an idiot who doesn't know that he has not used frameworks in his work (despite the fact I've been programming for almost half of my life).

Tech Nation Is A Pseudo Endorsing Body
Tech Nation Is A Pseudo Endorsing Body

April 2019

This is the second version of the website, where I just tell the story about how to not get the Tech Nation Visa. It has got a comparison table of what the requirements from the guidelines are, how I met them, and what Tech Nation said about it (i.e., either lied or didn't say anything at all regarding my achievements, and Ms Pyrah just came up with random bullshit not based on any factual evidence to refuse me the right for the visa). My Open Source work, education, and professional status are simply trashed by a psychopath who knows that she's not going to face consequences because the Home Office has not set up any processes to ensure that what Tech Nation says is right in any way.

Tech Nation Visa has got limited time period left, because the Tier 1 ET Visa must not be called by the name of an organisation that cannot even double-check decisions. My mission is to make it happen soon.

Tigger: Sweet Jesus Pooh! That's not honey! You're eating SOCIALIST ideology! Pooh: A PERSON APPLYING FOR THE TECH VISA HAS TO HAVE A PROFILE IN THE COMMUNITY
Hostile Discrimination By Tech Nation

Feb 2019

The difference between political left and right is that left for some reason says that minorities should have it all, whereas right treats everyone as equal. Communists are also left, and are highly dictatorial, with ~20 mil people killed by the Stalin regime. They want everyone think the same, and have no respect for individuals. The guidelines clearly outlined a CHOICE of 2 criteria: you either get a COMMUNITY profile, or show innovation. I decided to show innovation and passed it in the real expert decision. The leftist review states that I must have a profile which is discriminatory since I believe in individualism.

Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Visa Sucks
Cool Story Bro: Why Tech Nation Visa Sucks

Dec 2018

This is the very first version of the website which I published online on the 24th of December and sent the link to everyone at Tech Nation via LinkedIn. Not a single person responded to me, because no one at the pseudo endorsing body called Tech Nation knows what Node.JS is, or what it takes to make a quality NPM package. All the managers and content leads simply prefer to think that I'm upset for not getting the visa. The article outlines the work I had done to apply for the NOT Tech Nation Visa, and presents evidence I submitted. It proves that Tech Nation has broken the GDPR, because my choice of criteria is my personal data processing of which I gave my consent to, but only for specific purposes outlined in the guidelines.

Tech Nation Visa Facts Check List
Tech Nation Visa Facts Check List

June 2019

I realise that some people are going to be skeptical about the information on the website, and just tell my to "suck it up" for not getting the visa. Although any person even without tech background after reading the lying review that has 0 details, and comparing it to my own review, should understand the extent to which Ms Pyrah went out of her way to attack me and break the GDPR, the checklist provides a 101 guide as to why Tech Nation Visa is a discriminatory game set up by a frustrated alpha-female and not a professional Tier 1 Visa.

Tech Nation Visa Personal Statement
Tech Nation Visa Personal Statement

June 2018

My personal statement starts with a quote from the Fountainhead, an extremely popular novel of the 20th century by Ayn Rand, who emigrated to the US from the Soviet Union and who saw atrocities of the Bolshevik government first-hand. The author is known for popularising the Individualism philosophy, that states that a creative person is always on his/her own against the world, while "parasites" use his work in their own interests. In other words, Tech Nation's telling me to have a community profile is exactly communism and it's very offensive because I have the right to work for my own's sake. Anyone is welcome to use my Open Source software but I don't owe shit to any community.

Node.JS Developers Against Tech Nation Visa
For Developers By Developer

June 2019

When I applied for the visa, I had a portfolio of 62 packages, including testing and documentation frameworks, and a tool to bootstrap new packages. Tech Nation called it not a track record and lied that I didn't give a GitHub profile. Since summer last year, I have created so many more packages, including a 0-dependency transpiler, a static website generator based on JSX components that render when they scroll into view, and a build tool that uses Google Closure Compiler to compile Node.JS packages and optimise web bundles. Not a single Tech Nation Visa holder has contributed anything close to that. The article talks about my Open Source contributions that regenerate the Node.JS scene and return the power back to developers from corporations.


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