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Node.JS Regeneration In One Year Without Tech Nation Visa

  1. How I Regenerated Node.JS Stack In One Year Without Tech Nation Visa
  2. Babel: When Open Source Is Not Free Software
  3. Issuing Proceedings: Suing Tech Nation For Defamation
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NodeTools Intro: Tech Nation Visa As Loophole In UK's Immigration System, Industrial Strategy Of Enslaving Population And 1-Year-Long Honest Development Work To Regenerate Node.JS Stack.

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How I Regenerated Node.JS Stack In One Year Without Tech Nation Visa

13 August 2019 TLDR; Tech Nation is a corrupt endorsing body that uses Tech Nation Visa as a loophole to benefit venture capitalists who together with Government sell "Industrial Strategy" as a candy to enrich themselves, while harming ordinary people long-term. Tech Nation purposefully lied about my work, so in one year I've made a fully new Node.JS stack to get community signatures and take liars to court.

Anton Dmukhovskiy node.js developer After having spent 10 years in the UK, starting from school, through 2 universities, and a London startup, I though I could quit my job and apply for the so-called "Tech Nation Visa". I was under the impression, that the visa is designed for young talented people, and I knew that my education in Computer Science and AI and Computer Security, work experience in the heart of London, my professional Senior Software Developer title, my software company Art Deco™, commitment to open source expressed in an entirely new testing framework, documentation tool and a number of NPM packages (66 in the application) with the evidence of constant progress would demonstrate my being fit to match the "Promise" criteria, where a person has to prove that they have the POTENTIAL to have an impact on the technology sector in the UK. I though that was an amazing opportunity and praised the UK for setting up such scheme.

What I discovered later, that the scheme is not for young talented people at all, it's entire purpose is to benefit venture capitalists in London spoon-fed by the corrupt government, and Tech Nation, pretending to be an endorsing body, freely lie about people's applications to the Home Office, knowing that there will be no consequences to them. They break all ethical and moral rules, as well as go against the European Legal Framework, including the GDPR and E-Commerce Directive not even remembering for a second that the UK is still a member state. Tech Nation Visa is not a representation of your status as a creative, smart person, it is a loophole in the UK's immigration system that is actively exploited by so-called accelerators such as Entrepreneur First and others, who receive 100% pass on Tech Nation Visas, so that money can be made by big mummies- and daddies-capitalists affiliated with the government. That is the reason why Tech Nation and its psychopathic Senior Managers, who have not even got a degree in Computer Science but want to exercise their power over young innocent candidates, is so fearless in writing unlawful, discriminating and insulting reviews regarding professional work pretending to be "experts".

Tech Nation openly puts it in the press release, that participating in its Future 50 program, will open doors into government for your business, and a dedicated visa team will secure and process all visas that you need! The organisation does not even understand that this is pure corruption, but that's the new normal in the UK — the establishment does whatever it needs to do thinking that it's totally appropriate to exploit the country like that in their own interest!

Their way of conducting business is to abuse candidates, secure visa places for the venture-capital backed businesses in the "Silicon Roundabout" area of London, and reject everyone who has the POTENTIAL to disrupt their amoral ring-fenced business model of establishing links in government to seek quick exits, while exploiting population and those entrepreneurs who believed them when they promised "your own company". The term "talent", like for all other capitalist institutions, for Tech Nation means not a person's ability to think clearly, independently, generate and implement fresh innovative ideas, but the level of conformity the person will be able to show and the extent to which (s)he's been brainwashed into thinking that "technology" must always be vendor-capital backed, so that they can help Tech Nations' masters to achieve the aim of establishing technocratic dominance over population and subdue it to influences of people who don't even represent the interests of the UK. Tech Nation and its visa is not just an isolated case of Government not setting up proper mechanisms to control its immigration authorities (Tech Nation is a private company, btw), it's a symptom of social, spiritual and political decay of Great Britain who look at the US for inspiration of the "american way of living" that consists of raping the planet to accumulate money in the hands of the elite, and producing technocratic society that only benefits the few from the establishment, while others serve them without any humans rights.

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Industrial Strategy

Industrial strategy, is the Government's plan to subdue the population to technologic slavery out which there will be no way to get out once the strategy is complete: the introduction of 5G networks and total AIsation promise bright and rich future... For those who control all this technology, i.e., technocrats in power and their cronies capitalists. For example, the questions of 5G impact on human health is still open, it negatively affects other species such as birds, and can also interfere with weather forecasting which is especially important for warning systems. Traditional human interactions and values are being demolished as well, with people reading less and less and zombying themselves in front of screens, consuming content that was conveniently supplied to them by those who seek to control minds of masses.

plane and bird in sky photo With face-to-face human interactions and customary ways of living, loving and longing reduced to the minimum, people are getting more and more depressed and dissatisfied with their meaningless jobs, but the solution of the technological society emerged as the result of Industrial Strategy, is to offer drugs instead, with huge Unicorn corporations appearing to facilitate the "drug discovery" process. What is there to speak of suffering animals and other species that happen to have Earth as their home as well, when there are millions of displaced people while we are spending up to £1000 on gadgets with glossy screens. And finally the AI, with it's renewed pledge to extreme automation, is taking away standard human jobs like pharmacist and librarian, and is instead offering people jobs of service workers maintaining the grand technocratic machine called 2020 society. And it's not the main danger of AI that it evolves and converges at the unlimited IQ point, but that power will be concentrated in the hands of those, who control that AI, since we'll be so incapable of switching off the system that makes all these decisions for us, that we (you, the UK) will be enslaved with your own complicity exchanged for such cool technology as "5G" that gives you 1ms ping, turns its base stations' antennea in the direction of where you're walking, and delivers additional capacity by drones whenever needed. How did even people live without mobile phones just 30 years ago?

We can't run from future, but the real issue is that there no strong political power that is in charge: all of this is sold and implemented by people who only have their own interests in mind. They want to quickly enrich themselves, and when the troubles come, wash off their hands and never take the responsibility. For greedy capitalists and their monopoly of experts, it's not the question of class struggle, the ever so wide gap between rich and poor (rich and non-poor also), moderation as philosophy, and virtue of human values and obligations for those who are to live after us, but of how to effectively control the whole planet and subdue your own peoples and other nations. They call it "industrial strategy" and exploit this "vector of economic growth" before it's too late and they are kicked out of Westminster, which will happen very soon. The 2016 book, Parliament Limited, reveals just how much personal financial interest British politicians have when they come to "work". However, not everyone is willing to accept the promise of Industrial Strategy, and some labour MPs rightly have questioned its legitimacy over long-term:

Chi Onwurah, shadow minister for industrial strategy, science and innovation told Forbes: “For better or worse, technology is the driving force in economic, social and the cultural change. The Tories have been incapable of taking the long-term evidence-based approach to match the nature of the digital revolution we are undergoing. The revolving door at DCMS suggests nothing will change in that respect.” Forbes
london gherkin building
The two million jobs Byrne said were at risk were “five times more jobs than the shut-down of the coal industry and steel industry put together. If we think that the populism that we see today after 30 years of globalisation is difficult, just wait and see what happens unless we construct a project that allows the new wealth that we know will be created to be wealth that is fairly shared.” Digital Agenda
tomb of karl marx

In the end, we all will be waking up in the morning, taking the 10th generation of the anti-depressant pill "Soma-X" developed by iNHSX, eating drone-delivered breakfast and getting out of flat into a self-driving vehicle to drive us to work where we have to service the AI that is making decisions in its Ministries protected by secret police. OK maybe not next year, but the point is when I didn't get the visa, I thought that it was purely because of the dishonest manager who could not accept that the error in the decision was made by an expert, however now I realise, that I met my good old enemy, the technological society that seeks to reduce humans to mere cogs in the new industrial world order and take the freedom away and there was nothing for me to do there, i.e., it's a shame on my humanist soul to be named "Tech Nation Visa Holder". Finally, what I didn't get up until recently, is that the "error" in the "expert decision" was made intentionally by Tech Nation and the extent to which the UK is submerged in institutionalised corruption. I rejected the theory that the plot to deny me my right to live in the UK was purposefully weaved, because I just couldn't comprehend that the UK, one of the top nations in the world can fall so low. Now I have no doubt about it. Just like for Theresa May, the UK was "the country that I loved" and the country with the strongest values towards Engineering and education, but what it's become is just a disgrace to the decent civilised world — the country that breeds establishment and evil and is proud of it.

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My Web Computing PhD

Only arrogant and corrupt Tech Nation allow themselves to call the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa by its shameful name, the Tech Nation Visa. For example, to receive the ET Visa in Engineering, you have to have a PhD and have a fellowship at a research institute. However, to get the Tech Nation Visa, apparently all you have to do is to have a "defensive" idea that you can apply with to the EF accelerator, pass a few interviews for their program with a 100-person capacity, and you're set: even if you don't go past the first 14-week long "Form" stage, you can still keep your 3-year-long visa. That's so unfair to every one else applying for ET visas in other areas, such as art or architecture, which are not dishonoured by venture capital. I'm saying this because I had a 10 minute interview with someone called Ali after applying for EF to see a chance to come back to the UK — and exactly the easiness with which she said "WE usually give it for 3 years" as an answer to my question about the visa, provoked me to investigate connection between TN and EF, and everyone else in the London's money-worshipping ecosystem. I obviously didn't get a place at EF, but that's not a problem, just as not having the Tech Nation Visa is a bliss of avoiding the curse of dirtying my name with such a title.

What annoys me the most, is that everyone across all other sectors is working really-really hard either to get the visa, or to build a business, whereas people like Matt Clifford (CEO of EF), and Tech Nation act so damn innocently when bragging about how good they are doing in exploiting the system. Start-up culture mustdie and I hope the next socialist government will kick their arses and make them play by the rules like everyone else does, and the tech bubble they've been building will bust in their face. Entrepreneur First — when you need help of self-righteous swindlers to build your business™.

I applied to Tech Nation in July last year, waited a month, received a response with cruel error in it stating complete lies about my letters of recommendations being from the people from the same company when they weren't. I then requested the review, which was completed by the Senior Office Manager, who again lied about me in the "official" document returned to the Home Office. This material can be studied on my website. But not only did she lie, she purposefully offended me saying that I used frameworks to build my software, when I showed that I created a testing framework myself and incorporated it and other tools into other 60 packages that I published. That's ironic because one of the subjects I took for BSc at Sussex, was Web Computing, in which I received 97% (don't really know where the other 3 went unfortunately), and I actually had a row with one of the students on Facebook, who argued that we should have studied a framework, whereas I said that XSLT which we were taught, was awesome and at uni, you have to learn traditional values of Computer Science, whereas frameworks can be learnt in your own time. My application to TN was full of examples of my dedication to traditional Software Engineering methods and processes, such as documentation, testing, use of CLI (e.g., CLI domain registration tool) and metadata standard to protect IP.

sussex graduation

Moreover, the guidance document from the Home Office, which I followed, made it clear, that the Promise visa is for young people who demonstrate the potential though their skills and achievements. My achievements were a degree from Sussex, a distinction degree from King's College London, my Senior Software Developer role and the evidence of how I am capable of building a technology stack, and founding Art Deco™. All of these things in their entirety were dismissed by Tech Nation, like not dismissed, but never even mentioned in the discriminatory review. For what purpose did I then pull all those all-nighters doing courseworks? And what for did I get trained as a Computer Science researcher, coming up with hypothesis, conducting experiments and critically evaluating results? And finally, why did my dad even pay 20 grand for my Masters, where I received 86% in subjects like European Law and did a project in Forensics with Met Police when Tech Nation does not even bother to acknowledge that? Tech Nation with their cult of capitalistic technology is a Complete Degradation of any human values. My effort to gain knowledge is what makes a man, not some dodgy community profile, the lack of which was used against me in their review. Such profile was an optional requirement that I didn't choose in the application, because I selected the "innovations in technology" instead of "community profile", and which I passed in the initial expert decision.

When I got rejected, I was angered by the arrogance with which Tech Nation treated me: even though I attached the link to my GitHub account, where all my coding skills could have been studied, the manager doing her job of lying about me to the Home Office, said that they couldn't see GitHub. I went into their office to say that look, there is a Github link. The receptionists at the co-working space had to almost literally kick me out of the building threatening to call the Police after I refused to leave before somebody from Tech Nation came down to speak to me, to which they said that Tech Nation told them they didn't want to see me. When I returned home, I knew what to do: I wanted to get the support of the community because I knew that when people see how a person showing dedication to making Open Source packages was treated (and told that he has no track record), they would actually stand up for me. Although I had a few projects at the time, I don't believe they would have helped me to gain enough attention. Now, almost a year on, I don't just have a few projects, I'm opening a new page in Node.JS development process, and this report is what I would have handed as the intermediate report of my Web Computing PhD year 2, if I were doing one. Year 3 would see my business plan and services implemented using the stack (called NodeTools) I present here.

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On this website, I'll try to explain my 1-year work in a coherent, almost chronologic manner. However, the material is not just about work, it's about experiences and thoughts that happened during this year. The series put together will illuminate most of the development process that I conducted over the year, but kept in the shadow until it all came together. Now I'm bringing it out for everyone's benefit and freedom. After completing the write-up it will be proved beyond doubt that I have done more good for the community and technology sector than ALL of Tech Nation Visa holders put together though the entire time that this unlawful visa existed, and that Tech Nation had no right to bring up the name of the community in their brazen act of lying.

I'll try to type everything up by the 18th of August, so please bear with me!

  1. zoroaster logo 🇮🇷 What is Context Testing in Zoroaster testing framework, with which amongst other things I applied to Tech Nation with? How does it improve the standard testing process, and what innovations and benefits does it bring to Quality Assurance engineers? TBA
  2. 💸 How come Babel is not free software, how does it help TypeScript to advance, and why is it bad? Shows off my 0-dependency ÀLaMode compiler and an interesting technique there to generate source maps without building ASTs for source code. finished
  3. 🧀 JSX is not a feature, it's core functionality: how can we even do web development without standard markup language for JavaScript code? Shows my effort to create a JSX parser, again without ASTs, and demonstrates how one can setup modern front-end development environment without Webpack and the like.TBA
  4. 📖 Flipping a README page with Documentary — demos the much needed documentation pre-processor that frees you from wasting time on ctrl-c/ctrl-v of examples and outputs of programs. Sheds the light on how documentation can be used as an additional instrument of Quality Assurance.TBA
  5. 🔥 Compiling Node.JS packages: Setting the stage for the next 5 years of Node.JS ecosystem development. My biggest contribution to the community, which I hope will prove to you that I'm not somebody who likes to talk without the walk. Using the CLI domain registration tool as an example, reveals how to create properly compiled (not bundled) 0-dependency Node.JS applications.TBA
  6. 🏝 Goa And Idio Web Servers: The practical application of the compiler to produce an (almost) 0-dep build of the Koa2 Web Server, document and test using the tools in the nodetools stack described above. How I once again stood up for your freedom against Google.TBA
  7. 🏆 Splendid Static Website Generator: Harnessing the power of JSX, capabilities of Closure Compiler, and little-known but amazing Closure Stylesheets to build progressive, highly-optimised static HTML pages with lazy-loading of exported components.TBA
  8. 🐍 Tech Nation's Network: for what reason exactly does a venture capitalist-run, government supported business that has got no clue about Software Engineering think it can call itself an endorsing body without being overseen by any actual professional body? The investigation into connections in the snake pit shows you who's who and how they benefit each other.TBA
  9. 📃 Tech Nation Sucks License & Neo-Luddite Anti-Culture: Nobody in the UK is allowed to use the stack for commercial purpose, unless they enter the public register of companies confirming that Tech Nation does not represent the tech sector. Introduces the movement against propaganda that technology and software must depend on venture capital and serve technocrats.TBA

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This post is part of a series of articles explaining how I filled the gap in the Node.JS toolchain with entirely new, simple, novel and productive tools for testing, building, documentation and web-development. Most of all, I've always been creating packages for myself to satisfy my strive for quality, however this time I need the help of the community to help me prove in court that work that I submitted for expert evaluation to Tech Nation, was not merely tools "built using frameworks" and that Tech Nation are guilty of libel, breaking of the E-Commerce Directive, and GDPR. Please submit your signature to show that the community is not OK with its name being used against hard-working developers.

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