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    Tech Nation Communications: Lie Upon Lie Upon Lie

    This is the list of all documents that were sent to me regarding my application. Every single item in the list issued either by Panel of Experts, or by Tech Nation itself, contains a lie because it's just normal for these entities to provide service of the least quality. Tech Nation believes in its immunity to the customer protection rights but one day they will have to answer for how they think they can just say things which are not only false, but contradict the reality.

    • The Decision By The Panel Of Experts where I passed the key criterion and which judged me using the Talent and not the Promise criteria as well as lying that my letters of recommendation were from people from the same company.
    • Panel Of Experts' Lie
    • The Review By Tech Nation which is the biggest lie ever put down on paper by a manager who has no knowledge in the field whatsoever and pretends to be an expert.
    • The Home Office's Response to the complaint about review, where Tech Nation lies about me not giving the GitHub profile after making "careful" assessment of the application.

    • Screenshot with link to GitHub profile

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