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    Add Story

    The website is a static website generated with Node.JS. Start by forking the GitHub repository. To add the story, use the algorithm below:

    git clone
    yarn # install dependencies
    yarn start # start website generator locally
    Modify the splendid/pages/index.js file and export the page that you want added:
    export const coolStory = {
      title: 'New Cool Story',
      url: 'cool-story.html',
      file: 'cool-story',
      story: 1, // displays story in the menu
    Create the pages/cool-story directory and put the files in alpha-numerical order that will be compiled into a single html.
    tree splendid
      ./index.js # exports all pages
    It's a bootstrap website and each page is in a container so must be structured like the following example. Any layout using with arbitrary columns is accepted.
    <div class="row">
      <div class="col">
        <!-- content -->
        # Main title
        <SectionBreak />
          ## New Title
        <SectionBreak />
    Commit the changes, push to GitHub and make a pull request into the master branch at artdecoweb/ If you have any questions, email me using the email address at the bottom of this page ([dog] means @), or open an issue on GitHub.

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